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sosickofbeing's Journal

sweet surrender
3 May
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failure by design

from my refection on this razor blade i've heard ten thousand dying screams and they are calling me.

i would [[never]] lie to you

that pillow over your face is just my way of taking the sleep out of your eyes

i'm thinking it's a sign that the freckles
in our eyes are mirror images, and when
we kiss they're perfectly aligned <3

i'll slit my throat with the knife i pulled out of my spine.
maybe when you find out that i'm dead, you'll realize what you did to me.

i .y e a r n. for your...
[[warm breath on my c.h.e.e.k.]]
[[g a z e on m e]]

scratching the surface only creates scars
i hope you dont dig that far

urban legends of the ally.

[x]she doesnt like all of your friends.
[[just the ones that are overly nice and cute]]
[x]she has impeccable table manners.
[[the braces just kinda slow her down]]
[x]she is nothing without you.
[x]she is a flirty little girl.
[[more shy then you will ever know]]
[x]she is never online.
[[cant get me away from it for a day]]
[x]she is the strongest person you will ever meet.
[[she has her moments]]
[x]she never cries.
[[never cries in front of people]]

i'd hate to think i pissed you off a g a i n